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Making jams &friends at La Mouchère

Julia &Taylor become French chefs

Coming over to France for the first time with their family, Julia from Chicago, aged 9 and Taylor from Memphis aged 7 arrived at the peak of the redcurrant season.
They wanted to be part of the whole process: the picking, then cleaning, sorting and sifting; then the cooking proper and most importantly the tasting. We like to make jams with the maximum of fruit and minimum of sugar: given the acidity of redcurrants, we needed a bit more sugar than usual but finally all agreed that it was sweet enough with 1kg of sugar for 3 kg of fruit, so 75% of fruit content.
Fortunately there was enough for a redcurrant coulis to be had over the ice cream for dessert.


Jam making in the 1920s Julia & Taylor, justly proud Julia & Taylor prepare the berries

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