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Only 158 KMS from the centre of Paris, EXPERIENCE THE NIGHT, as people have throughout the centuries

In our part of the Perche it’s still possible for our guests and ourselves to admire the night sky as it was from the beginning of time until the end of the 19th century. But photographing it is another matter.
Fortunately Dan, one of our guests, who stayed here with Halina and their two labradors (« the furry boys »), is also a passionate photographer. He set up camera and tripod on the south lawn at about 2 in the morning and crept discreetly back to bed an hour or so later later with his catch: this is the photograph he took of the unspoilt night above the château de la Mouchère.

If you enjoy shooting stars come and stay this August : blankets, cushions and comforting drinks on the lawn will make you comfortable as you look up and keep score (peak activity of the Perseid meteor shower this year is between August 8 and 14).


Night, by Dan Moon over the Barn, by Roger

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