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There is more to our friend Maynard than his General Theory and his homeric dual with Hayek

Let’s just mention :

  • The brilliant scholar, a classicist as well as a mathematician, at Eton and Cambridge.
  • The member of the exclusive, semi-secret scholarly society the Apostles, his amorous conquests and his passion for Duncan Grant, loved and protected by Maynard even after the end of their affair .
  • The patron of the arts, an enthusiastic connoisseur of painting, ballet and theatre, founding the Cambridge Arts Theatre. He marries Lydia Lopokova, a star of the Diaghilev ballet, becoming ‘straight’ for her at the age of 45 and a faithful husband until his death.
  • Finally, we recommend the Keynes versus Hayek videoclips on Youtube, Fear the Boom and Bust, and Fight of the Century, a delightful mix of humour, music and economics .

At la Mouchère you can sleep in Maynard’s room (part of the Bloomsbury Suite and next to Virginia Woolf). The works of both authors are available for bedside reading.


Maynard by Duncan Grant Coup de foudre Maynard & Lydia, wedding 1925 Must read: Judith Mackrell's biography Lydia teaches Maynard to dance the keynes-keynes (can-can) Economist & statesman The General Theory, 1935

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