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Mrs Dalloway adopts La Mouchère

As soon as Mrs Dalloway arrived at La Mouchère, she recognised that it was her home for good

It must be said that coming from an S.P.A. dog refuge, a loving home seemed to have everything an 8 week old puppy could wish for. The next step was to get accepted by our beagle Carrington, which took several days of total respect and deference. By now though, Mrs D. (Dallou for short) is little by little discovering the grounds. She loves gardening, needs long siestas, and has enthusiastic competitive fights with Carrington to know who will have rights over Mr Panda or Foxy, her favourite furry toys.

Breed ? She is a black and tan sheepdog, we say a « berger boxeron » as the beauceron main look seems to include some boxer features (a shorter nose, the white socks and a bounciness).

She was adopted on Valentine’s day aged 8 weeks, and by now, only 12 weeks old she is already housetrained, comes when called, and sits obediently before eating.


Mrs Dalloway, 8 weeks old First cuddle with Carrington Sunbathing together on the terrace Who will win the trophy? Mrs D helps with the gardening

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